Monday, 21 September 2015


Each year since the early ‘80s, the UN has marked September 21st as the International Day of Peace. Although the theme of the day changes yearly, the basic concept remains the same: it’s a day of non-violence, ceasefire and commemoration to try and create a safer, more peaceful world, and one that is free from hatred and prejudice. 

This year’s theme, entitled Partnerships for Peace- Dignity for All, is pretty simple: working together for a cause that's both deserving and worthwhile. 
At a time when news reports and stories about conflict, war and violence are an everyday occurrence, the impact of millions of people coming together for a day of peace is nothing short of phenomenal. 

This year, Peace Day events range from vigils to ‘wear it white’ days and twelve hour non-stop yoga sessions (you can take a peek at events here), while smaller actions, such as lighting a candle, meditation, a minute’s silence or even posting about the day on social media (#PeaceDay) are just as effective.

Words by Anam Rahim