Tuesday, 31 March 2015


To celebrate Bristol Fashion Week, we turned the spotlight of this week’s Trend Tuesday onto bloggers Christy Llewellyn and Carolin Schroeter to talk about blogging, fashion trends and the week itself. 

Christy Llewellyn (Top Left Image)

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?
So, I’m 23 and I recently graduated from UCA Epsom in Fashion Womenswear. I started my blog after I finished studying- it was something I wanted to do for a long time and I was in need of a creative project to keep me motivated. Style Rarebit is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog full of lists, photographs and advice that I hope readers will find entertaining and useful.

You mentioned on Style Rarebit that you started blogging quite recently. Do you have any advice for bloggers who are just starting out?
My main piece of advice would be to make sure to get involved with your local blogging community. People who have been blogging for a long time are a wealth of helpful knowledge and are always the first to know about events that are happening nearby. I think it’s also really important to self-promote when you’re first starting out. I really loathed the idea of tweeting and sharing my posts, and I felt a bit embarrassed sharing my blog but I’ve got over that now. Opportunities don’t find you, so it’s really about getting it out there and making people aware of what you’re creating.

We love the way you mix vintage and contemporary fashion in some of your outfits. What’s your favourite vintage item?

Well, firstly, thank you! I've loved vintage since I was little and my grandmothers started passing down designer gems to me. My favourite piece at the moment is this Neiman Marcus dress which I think is from the mid-1960s. It has this block of crazy bright pink and I always get a lot of compliments in that dress. It also has pockets, I don’t know why I'm so obsessed with that, but there’s just something really cool about a smart dress having secret pockets.

What did you most love about Bristol Fashion Week?
I loved the ‘So You Think You Want to Work in Fashion?’ Q&A hosted after the show. I know it was really a side note and not as all singing/dancing as the main event, but I just felt I learnt a lot in that hour of time. I particularly connected to Shelly Vella and Jørgen Simonsen, I thought they both had some really concise advice about breaking into the industry. I actually tweeted about Simonsen straight after the show, I just felt he had such a great energy and passion for what he does and that’s really lovely to see.

Which of the trends on the catwalks of Bristol Fashion Week are you most excited about for Spring/Summer 2015?
I would definitely have to go with Utility, I just fell in love with everything from the Marc Jacobs show and I feel it’s the easiest trend to adapt into your wardrobe. Saying that though, I'm coveting some 70s platforms too, but it’s hard for a girl to choose just one!

Carolin Schroeter (Top Right Image)

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?
I'm a twenty something German expat, living in the UK and Germany. I'm a passionate M.A. linguist and literature researcher. My blog, Lunch Break Adventures, was born in February 2014 and covers fashion, film and lifestyle from the UK, but I’ll throw in book recommendations or try out beauty products. 

As a true free spirit and art lover, I enjoy exhibitions, plays and a good musical night out in London. I'm full of imagination and inspiration, that’s why I hardly run out of ideas for my blog! When I'm not blogging you’ll either find me at the cinema, or having a dance on the ice, as I love figure ice-skating. I also love fashion and shopping and I would do anything for nachos or pizza.

How would you describe your style? 

My style is very classy and romantic. I'll try to pick pieces that match my personality and character and try not to be someone else. My outfits usually have a clear outline and are pleasing to the eye, and I own some vintage inspired pieces, such as jewellery and handbags. I find street style fashion interesting, but I'd never wear delicate pleat skirts with Doc Martens, as I feel this would be too adventurous for me.

We’re definitely seeing some vintage inspiration in your style! Can you talk us through something you've worn to Bristol Fashion Week? 
My latest Bristol Fashion Week outfit is a boho mix. Shirt from New Look, shorts from Forever 21 teamed up with jewellery from Iridescence. My leather jacket is from Stradivarius and my scarf from Sandwich clothing.

What did you most love about Bristol Fashion Week?
I really love the atmosphere at Bristol Fashion Week and the entire team is so professional. Mark is such a charming host (I would love to go shopping with him one day) and he always runs the presentation so smoothly. This year, I particularly loved the flight theme to take off for spring. That was a genius idea and the potential, with the passport representing the voucher book and the shows the destinations, was used so diversely.

Which trends are you most excited about for Spring/Summer 2015?
Florals and pastels for spring are always a bit boring and uninspiring, that's why I found it interesting that the Spring Summer ‘15 show featured some bright colours. Spring is all about regaining energies and strength, happiness and joy and this is best expressed through bright shades. 

Loafers and plimsoles are set for a big revival this season. The shoe shape is a bit old fashioned but there are great ones out there with refreshing prints and materials that give the loafer a modern twist. 

Interviews by Anam Rahim