Friday, 20 March 2015


To celebrate International Day of Happiness here at BettyRae, we got thinking about the little things that cheer us up. In case you haven’t heard about it, this amazing cause is all about raising awareness of happiness as a key human goal. This year’s campaign, Your Happiness is Part of Something Bigger, encourages us to combat social isolation by connecting with each other and, in a world where we’re constantly rushing around, we feel it couldn't be more relevant.

So what’s making us happy right now? After a seriously gloomy winter, we’re excited to finally get out from under that pile of duvets on the sofa, to go outside without having to pull on about seven layers, and to wake up to sunlight (admittedly the sky has been the same shade of grey all week, but you get the idea, right?). We’re looking forward to soaking up the summer sun, to blue skies, entire days spent doing nothing in the park with friends. To flowers, blossom, the smell of freshly cut grass, summer fruits and wearing colourful clothes, to watching the sunset, long drives, festivals and beaches.

Sometimes we feel like the negative parts of life completely outweigh the positive. When, in fact, maybe the mistake is that we channel so much time into concentrating on the bad that we completely end up ignoring the good things around us. Sometimes it’s these little things that can make a lot of difference. 

Words by Anam Rahim