Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Trend Tuesdays: Best fashion of 2014

2014 saw it's fair share of fashion hits (and a couple of misses!) and what better way to celebrate another year passing than to reflect on the best trends it had to offer!


This one was an unexpected hit for Spring. A gorgeous shape that allows you to wear a mini skirt with the added bonus of a pair of shorts to retain your dignity! We love the patterned ones best, especially with a Summer tan!


We love the midi skirt, vintage and flattering all in one is a direct winner in our books! We can count on it being a wardrobe staple for next year too. It looks gorgeous on curvier figures, especially with a crop top. This year, it was seen with matching separates which is the perfect way to spice up a plain outfit. 

Blanket shawl:

August saw this beauty emerge and it has turned out to be very popular! It's great to add on top of jeans and knee high boots to provide a burst of autumnal pattern. Also, who doesn't want to walk around in a blanket in this weather?!


Normcore has emerged on the scene, but what actually is it? It is best described as anti-style clothing, plain, laid back, average clothes. Who would've thought that would be fashion? To get the look, crack out the ripped jeans, turtle neck and put your hairbrush down; undone hair is the way to go!

Winter pastels:

The most stunning trend for A/W has to be the winter pastels. It was a stunning way to transition from Spring and encapsulated the icy prettiness of the colder weather. A pop of pastel in the form of a knitted jumper was all that was needed but the best look of all was one that embraced it head to toe. Pastel pink faux fur coats, turquoise skirts and cool white blouses, this look could not get more princess inspired if it tried!

Here's to another year of gorgeous fashion!

Words by Charlotte Hobbs