Tuesday, 9 December 2014

All I Quant for Christmas Is You...

The 1960's are generally renowned for a transitional period within the fashion industry where restrained and conservative converted to colourful and audacious almost overnight. It was as if the limitations of the fifties had built up a pressure that could only be liberated by an explosion of patterns and mini-skirts.

London-based fashion designer, Mary Quant, inspired the feel of 'less is more' after establishing the mini-skirt, and later on, hot pants, encouraging young people to dress themselves as a form of expression and not just through practicality.

Although we feel hot pants are probably out of the question this December time, we follow in her footsteps this season, with some absolutely stunning outfits that re-invent the 1960's. So, whether you want to make a statement by wrapping yourself within our gorgeous fur coat, or be the envy of the office with our pastel pencil skirt, you're guaranteed to find something that will bring some Quant to your Christmas. 


Words by Elly Jupp