Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Secret Beauties Of Instagram...

Instagram has become a fundamental element of social networking in the last few years, whether you’re using it on business grounds to promote your ideas, or just to show your friends what you’re having for dinner, if we can access it then we’re all guilty of spending the vast majority of our day posting snippets of our life or just scrolling through our feeds taking a peek at other people’s.

But with so many people using such a popular tool of recording ones life in photographs, it's easy for beautiful accounts to slip through the net and into the midst of cyberspace. Fear not! Here at BettyRae we've searched high and low through the depths of bathroom selfies and last night's homemade pizza, to find you our favourite vintage accounts that we think deserve some love and recognition!

Solanah This candy-floss coloured beauty creates an amazing example of vintage posting, with various outfit inspirations, beauty examples and a peek into her gorgeous lifestyle.

retrochick_uk The beautiful Gemma uses Instagram to capture moments her blog does not, with a personal glimpse into her vintage world and a wardrobe to be envious of, we love this retro account!

elliecp_ You may remember this lovely young lady from our 'Blogger of the Month' newsletter a few months ago. Ellie Connor Phillips takes us into her world of charity shopping, big jumpers and quirky jewellery, all at the age of sixteen! We think she's wonderful.

gracefullyvintage This beautiful account brings us vintage from the other side of the world! A gorgeous pin-up model with impeccable taste and talented for creating. 

thesirenvintage This little account for The Siren Vintage boutique offers endless inspiration of quirky homeware and accessories, marvellous. 

Do you have any favourite vintage accounts that you think deserve some recognition? Comment below, we would love to feature them!