Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Trend Tuesdays: Work Wear For Women

Credit: Mall Cribbs

Anyone feel as though work wear can be such a pain? Trying to find something that is professional but still allows you to embrace the latest fashions is difficult. There's nothing like a killer outfit to brighten your mood and of course boost your work productivity, so follow our ideas for the best work wear this season!

Last week we put the spotlight on a blanket wrap and before you place it in the wardrobe ready for the weekend, consider trying it with a suit. Not only will it keep you snuggly all day, if you pick out one with coordinating colours, it's a great way to perk up an otherwise dull suit. Keep the colours and patterns to a minimum though, too much going on may end up ruining an otherwise smart look.

Monochrome has returned for another season but this doesn't just mean a black skirt and white blouse, try adding some print. A smart dog tooth skirt or polka dot blouse can perk up your look without being too much. Ensure you keep the skirt at a longer length and avoid additional patterns and your boss will welcome the look with open arms!

If your office is strict on dress code, accessories may be for you. A burnt orange coat adds colour and can be removed for the office. The same goes for handbags. Treating yourself to an oversized bag in a deep aubergine tone can add interest to a look but won't go against any dress codes. If there is a slight leniency, consider some coloured tights or a pair of heels to inject a bit of fashion in to your outfit.

For a svelte look, try two tones which Kim Kardashian has been a massive fan of recently. Wearing an outfit with separate pieces in the same colour, but a slightly different tone creates a sophisticated look without going overboard on clashing colours. You could also try mixing different textures to add more interest to the look.

A slouchy look has been favoured on the runway giving a nod to more masculine work wear. To still add a hint of structure and feminism, try slouchy trousers with a sharply tailored shirt and some heels. If you enjoy this trend, why not add an unstructured coat too and some metallic flats which are a key look for footwear this season.

Look out for next weeks post on mens work wear tips!

Words by Charlotte Hobbs