Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Trend Tuesdays: Vintage Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas...

Who doesn't love Halloween?! A chance to dress up and push the boundaries of what classes as normal behaviour, sounds like a hoot to us! Thinking up an outfit is always difficult so we've cooked up a few vintage inspired ideas for you:
Finally you can use that all in one, flared leg body suit that's just been sitting in your wardrobe. If by some chance you don't have one handy, try digging around in a charity shop for leggings then sew on an extra flap of material for the flares. If all else fails, costume shops generally stock some ABBA appropriate costumes.
Alice and Wonderland
This really exploded in popularity all through the 1900's and has such a great selection of ideas. Our favourite is the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts. These can be easily achieved with a quick dig about in your wardrobe and a look in a second hand shop. Makeup is essential with these; for the Mad Hatter, bright eye makeup and a white face and for the Queen of Hearts, bold blue eye shadow and a heart painted on the lips on red lipstick.
Vintage Fashion
How about taking inspiration from real vintage fashion. Two of our favourite choices are the Mods and Rockers and the Teddy Boys. Thanks to the recycling of trends, most people have the fashions in their own wardrobes. Look for leather jackets, creeper shoes and long suit jackets.
The Addams family
There couldn't be a better TV show to take inspiration from for Halloween! For women, Morticia is an effortless costume made up of a long gothic black dress, black hair and dark makeup. Wednesday has long plaits and a short black dress with a white collar. For the men, Pugsley is easy to achieve with a striped shirt and black shorts while Gomez sports an epic pinstripe suit!
101 Dalmatians
The book emerged in the 60's and for women, provides one of the best Halloween costumes, Cruella DeVille! Everyone has a black dress which can either be paired with a big cream coat (perfect for a cold October night!) or some kind of Dalmatian style print jacket. Next a pair of red gloves and a black and white wig to complete the outfit with a fake cigarette in hand. Perfect!
Let us know if you try any out!

Words by Charlotte Hobbs