Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Trend Tuesdays: Our favourite fashion blogs

Blogs seem to be taking over the internet at the moment and we are loving it. They are the best places to get personal tips, provide us with ideas for our own wardrobes and allow us to be a bit nosey, all at the same time! What is not to like?! We had a difficult time narrowing it down, but for now, here's 5 of our favourites:

Wolf and Lace:

Of her own admission, this blog is 'affordable style for the free spirited girl'. She has a real thrifty style so this blog is perfect for lovers of mixing up vintage buys. Her style is very grunge with a hippy type feel to it that we absolutely adore! A great blog for flicking through some gorgeous pictures for inspiration, not one for those of you who prefer a bit more reading.

Sincerely Jules:

Not all fashion blogs have that friendly feel alongside their to die for outfits but this blog perfects the personal touch. Perhaps it's her photo's that always seem to capture her in her day to day life rather than a perfectly poised image like most. Or maybe it's the style of her writing that allows us to look in to her life and her thoughts as well as her incredible wardrobe!


It seems as though everyone has heard of Zoella and quite rightly too. A very popular Youtuber, with appearances on 'Loose Women' and 'This Morning', she also seems to find time from somewhere to write her blog. She writes a mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts and her personality makes her Youtube channel addictive. Every girls best friend, she gives tips perfect for all ages.

And.....it wouldn't be a BettyRae Trend Tuesday without a pinch of vintage.

Diary of a Vintage Girl:

The lovely Diary of a Vintage Girl is a must follow for lovers of vintage. She has brilliant snaps of her outfits that provide great inspiration and she has plenty of posts that give readers a splash of history. Her blog is really an all rounder and best for those who love to really get stuck in to vintage fashion.

Victoria's Vintage:

This blog had us hooked straight away from the oh so pretty design! Her blog appeals to so many tastes which is what makes it so great. She has fashion tips, mixing her vintage finds with modern items, ideas on how to up-cycle furniture and lots of beauty too, thrown in for good measure. Our favourite part about her is she shows you how to get some incredible items for great prices. Love!

Words by Charlotte Hobbs