Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Trend Tuesdays: Fashion on a student budget

At a time when you want to look your fashionable best, you find yourself having the least money! It’s not all bad news though, by following our tips you will be looking good for less in no time!

Spend money on key pieces
This may seem expensive at first, but by spending money on key items like a staple handbag or a decent pair of shoes, you will save money in the long run.

Wardrobe swap
Sisters and friends make great resources for a few new items! Often they are chucking out clothes that are almost new that would be perfect for you. If not, there’s always the potential for some borrowing…

Shop savvy
Stores that you would often stick your nose up at could in fact be your saviour! Just because they sell cheaper clothes doesn’t mean you won’t find a few gems you like for half the price of normal shops.

Be sure to utilise your student status and flash your card. Lots of high street stores offer discounts for students to be a bit kinder on your bank balance.

Swap up accessories
Next time you are out shopping, rather than choosing a bold dress that you will only wear a couple of times, try going for neutral colours and classic shapes. This way, you can mix up jackets, heels and jewellery and make it look like a different outfit each time.

Wait before you shop
When the new season emerges it can be oh so tempting to run to the shops and pick up all the new fashion you just have to have! But before you go, have a look in your own wardrobe first. Often you’ll find clothes you had forgotten about that work perfectly with the new trends.

Don’t forget statement jewellery
A statement necklace or some chunky bangles can be worn whatever the season and you can often pick these up in the sale. By pairing a well placed statement necklace with a fairly plain outfit, you can make it look a lot more expensive and up together than it really is. Perfect for evening meals or a couple of drinks at the bar!

Shopping spree
If all else fails and you can’t help but go on a shopping spree, all is not lost. Always keep your own wardrobe in mind and buy items that will work well in a least 3 outfits in your wardrobe. Or, if you’ve picked a particularly daring piece, think where you could actually picture yourself wearing it. If you are struggling to think, well then, I think you know the answer…!

We hope this helps your bank balance!

Words by Charlotte Hobbs