Thursday, 21 August 2014

Remembering Lauren Bacall

A husky voice, elegant poise and sharp wit, Lauren Bacall was one of the last remaining stars from the golden era of Hollywood. She passed away on the 12th August 2014 leaving an entire legacy of films and a great romance behind her.

With her big feet and tall features, by her own admission, she was snapped up as a model and catapulted to her first major film 'To Have and Have Not' by the age of 19. This unbelievable success is somewhat overshadowed and back seated by her romance with Humphrey Bogart. Their first film together sparked the greatest romance in Hollywood, with Bogart 25 years her senior.

Bogart and Bacall also shared an onscreen romance in several films. Their films together were lapped up by audiences who were charmed by the pair. They went on to have two children together despite Bogart's aversion to becoming a Father. In their passionate marriage, they had sporadic fights and Bacall's announcement of her first pregnancy sparked fears in Bogart that he would lose her to a baby. The romance sadly ended when she was 33 years old as Bogart passed away from throat cancer.

She went on to marry and divorce Jason Robard's and had the infamous but short lived romance with Sinatra.

"I think your whole life shows in your face, and you should be proud of that"
After the 1960's parts waned, it was safe to say her golden era was over. She attempted multiple other films but none were received with as much enthusiasm as those in the beginning of her career. Despite this, she continued to work on projects right till the end; "What's the point in working your whole life and stopping" and her career still shone brightly behind her. She rightly won multiple Lifetime Achievement awards and had a myriad of awards under her belt, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guilds, all deservedly gained for her earlier films.
Lauren Bacall was a complete juxtaposition. While she was one of the greatest movie stars of all time, she actually preferred to dedicate her life to her marriage, deeming you had you choose between success and your relationship. The contradiction continues with her portrayal in the media, as in one recent interview she was described as ice cold one minute and overtly charming the next. It seemed Bacall was the master of deceiving appearances. She came across as a stunning model, with elegance and charm but behind the exterior was a sharp, witty lady who could cut down an interviewer with one glance of her icy stare. Perhaps this is what made her such a great legend. She didn't give all of herself to film and she challenged the perception of what women should be. She was whatever she wanted to be and she will be remembered as someone who never gave up.
Words by Charlotte Hobbs